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ITELITE antenna design and development team is able to design antennas for your special needs. 
We design and manufacture custom antennas for many different applications and frequencies:

  • RFID
  • CCTV
  • RTMIP-Core


Our OEM customers have chosen ITELITE as a custom antennas provider because:

  • easy contact and flexible cooperation during designing process
  • high quality and performance
  • low minimum order required
  • short realization time
  • 5 years warranty



3 in ONE: to help you save space and lower tower costs,

we are able to desige and fit 3 or more antennas in one

enclosure with different frequency, gain and polarization.




  • bandwidth from 300MHz up to 6GHz. single, dual, multiband
  • polarization: single, dual, multi, cross, circular.



  • base antennas, sectors and omnidirectional
  • customer  antennas/point to point
  • different type of connector
  • moderate to high gain


Custom antenna mount solution:

  • mounting systems
  • army strong extreme weather mounting


Custom radio mount solution:
  • special mounting for the radio inside the radio compartment
  • special mounting for the radio outside the antena





You can chose non color of your antennas:


forest green

brick red