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Key Features:
  • 2x28 dBi Directional Gain
  • Dual Polarization H&V or Cross
  • Very Narrow Beamwidth
  • High Quality Construction
  • Heavy-Duty Mounting Elements
  • Precise Adjustment Mounting Kit
  • Best Solution for Noisy Area
  • Radio Mount for Easier Instalation
  • Complied with ETSI Class
  • 5 GHz Band Wireless LAN
  • IEEE 802.11a WLAN Systems
  • 802.11n/MIMO standard
  • Nstreme dual configuration
  • Point to Point Applications





Parabolic antenna  working in 5 GHz band with 28 dBi gain with vertical and horizontal or +45° and -45°  polarization. It is the ideal solution for MIMO configuration.  Perfectly designed for CPE or PtP connections. Proper materials allow operation in the salty water environment without corrosion. High quality construction of pole mounting elements guarantee easy elevation and easy tilt down as well as rock-stable operation. Adapter for radio mount makes instalation much easier.



Electrical Properties
Frequency5.1- 5.9 GHz
Gain2x28 dBi
PolarizationDual H&V or Cross
Beamwidth deg horizontal
Beamwidth deg vertical
Impedance50 ohm
Port Isolation-35 dB (max), -40 dB (typ)
Enclosure Properties
Material:PCV cover with UV protected
Min temperature:-40°C / -40°F
Max temperature:80°C / 176°F
Mechanical Properties
Input ConnectorN-type / female
Outside Dimensions600mm (23.2") diameter
Weight3,5kg / 7,7lbs
Specification subject to change without notice.