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Using the best availibe software for developing microwave antennas we are able to design very efficient antenna systems that can be implemented in professional wireless networks. We are able to design antennas from 700mhz up to 6ghz. We always work with our customers while making new project so we can create accurate antennas which answer electrical as well as mechanical requirements.





Thanks to Anritsu analizer equipment we have possibility to make complete tests and measures of designed antenna systems which allows us to provide with true operation parameters of our antennas. Very good knowledge of the IE3D and Anritsu equipment gives us ability to provide fast and right answer for the latest wireless technology demands as good as for customer needs.







Once we have designed and developed antenna system we make efforts to manufacture high quality durable products whcih meet customer requirments, challange latest technology and resist extreme weather conditions.The result of this proccess is user friendly, high quality antenna with full 5 years warranty and exellent performance.





DC GROUND All antennas are grounded in order to protect your electronics.

MICROSTRIP Antennas are made in microstrip technology.

WEATHERPROOF Antennas have the

RECURRANCE Thanks to our high quality production line process all our antennas are recurranced.

RoHS COMPILANT Our antennas are friendly environment.