Usually, the router is connected to the antenna using a specialized high-frequency cable with appropriate connectors.
We offer virtually all popular connectors, such as U.fl, MMCX, SMA, RP-SMA, CRC9, TS9, N, TNC and others.
The cables which are used in pigtails are RG178, RG316, RG402, LMR400 and others.
At your request we are able to prepare almost any connector models and cables of various lengths.

SIM Adapters

The socket and plug soldered on the cable, give the possibility of replacing the SIM cards without the need to open the whole antenna’s housing.
The holes for the adapters are closed with a silicone plugs.
The product is intended for use with enclosures for LTE, 3G and 4G antennas


Each antenna contains its own mounting set. The mounting kit is designed to fix the antennas on masts with diameter ranging from 5 to 8cm. If you need a different type of mounting, we encourage you to place an order, since we can offer aluminum, steel and stainless steel versions. The last ones work well in environments with a salt water and / or strong winds.

Waterproof gland with Ethernet cable terminated with socket and RJ45 plug

The waterproof RJ-45 gland is designed for sealing of the MRA, PRA, SRA, PRO-SECTOR and other types of enclosures, as well as
fast connection of the antenna housing with network equipment. You can order this product with different diameters, cable’s length and etc. Alternatively, we can offer an ordinary cable gland.

Adapter for attaching Cambium and Ubiquity devices

This adapter can be used inside the SRA enclosure, on the surface of PAT antennas, in SECTORS and PRO-SECTORS, and as a part of mounting kit for dish antennas.
A very convenient adapter for Ubnt Rocket and e-PMP1000, can be also attached to the antenna housing at your request.