Custom antennas

Are you looking for an antenna?

ITELITE has got you covered! We have been manufacturing microstrip antennas for more than 15 years, and thanks to the gained experience we can satisfy even the most demanding customers.

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Which band do you want to use? What kind of antenna do you need?

  • Panel

  • Sectoral

  • Omnidirectional

  • Parabolic

You will also need


Which electronics do you want to use?

Overtime, the number of popular manufacturers of electronics have grown significantly. With this ITELITE enclosures have been adapted to Ubiquiti, Cambium, Mimosa, Compex, Gateworks and many other brands. Please specify your needs in terms of matching a given electronics to our enclosure – and we will be happy to offer you a dedicated solution.


Depending on the router which will be used, you will be asked about cables.

  • PRAbox


  • Cable gland

    Cable gland

  • Sim adapter

    Sim adapter

  • Waterproof external PoE

    Waterproof external PoE

  • External connectors

    External connectors

  • External omni antennas

    External omni antennas

You name it, just send us your inquiry


Mounting kit – It is a very important node of the antenna design.

Which version do you need? Wall or Mast mounting? Or do you want to put it on the window? Do you need a precision alignment kit for tuning of the dish antenna? Or maybe the usual U-bolts along with clamps?

Do not hesitate to ask our consultant,
who will help you.

we can make any mounting


We offer full OEM solution for low and high volume production

  • flexibility during designing process
  • 5 years warranty

For more information or any other question please contact us directly

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